Fecha: Viernes 14 de febrero de 2020.
Hora: 12:00.
Lugar: Seminario del Dpto. Física Teórica y del Cosmos.

Ponente: Renato Fonseca (Charles University, Prague).

Organiza: Departamento de Física Teórica y del Cosmos.


High Energy Physics revolves around the study of symmetry groups and their representations. For example, one of the first tasks a model builder needs to perform is the computation of the allowed interactions between a set of fields. In this presentation I will discuss my efforts over the years to automate several group theory calculations which are relevant in particle physics. I will then discuss a particular application: the enumeration of the operators of an effective field theory (EFT). This can be a surprisingly complicated topic, yet in the last few years it has seen a remarkable progress due to the use of the Hilbert series technique. I will discuss how one can achieve a similar result with mathematical tools which might be more familiar to particle physicists.

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