International Doctoral Summer School Of Molecular Oncology Molon2019

Fecha: del 10 al 13 de septiembre de 2019.
Lugar: Corrala de Santiago y Parque de las Ciencias.


The aim of the International Doctoral Summer School in MOLECULAR ONCOLOGY (MOLON) is to gather professionals (professors, postgraduated, specialists in medicine), students and researchers for a week to share knowledge and experiences on relevant issues related with Molecular Oncology connected to Medicine, from an interdisciplinary approach. All the teaching staff members are high-level specialists on the topic, so quality and novelty is warranted.

The course will offer students an opportunity to complete their education in this specific field which is very demanded in recent years. Moreover, this course offers young researchers to update with the most innovative areas of interest in oncology investigation at the same time that they can interact with many specialists in the field. This will open future opportunities of collaborations or professional carriers’ developments in these young researchers.

In addition, this course also offers not only talks, but also workshops with a reduced number of students that will be essential for improving students’ training in very important tasks in future scientists as workshops of scientific writing or PCR applications.

Teaching activities

The course will last four days, with sessions concentrated mostly in the morning which will be dedicated for the Scientific Program. This International Doctoral Summer School will be developed combining theoretical seminars guided by experts from Europe in molecular oncology and practical workshops. These activities will be developed in three main buildings: Corrala de Santiago, Sciences Park and Health Service Technology Park. We will visit relevant scientific buildings such as GENYO (Pfizer-University of Granada-Junta de Andalucía Centre for Genomics and Oncological Research) which is equipped with the most updated technologies and equipments for developing Molecular Oncology concepts, so it will brings students’ the opportunity to be in contact with these innovative technologies and experts. Consequently, the course is supported by the latest scientific evidence, which will be presented by specialists in the areas of Molecular Biology, Oncology, among others.

Sessions will last 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes for discussion; workshops will last 1 hour to let students having more debate and a deep learning of these special practical classes.

Evenings will be dedicated to the Social Program, with many cultural and leisure activities such as a guided visit to “The Alhambra”, Carmen de la Victoria, Sciences Park, among others of the many cultural activities that offers this city.

Who can attended

This course is aimed at undergraduate; young researchers, master’s and PhD students related to Health Sciences, Biomedical or Biological Sciences; but also to everyone who wish to deepen the molecular basis of cancer, as well as take in contact with the main molecular techniques used for its diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.

It is also aimed for medical residents, technicians and research teaching staff for improving their knowledge about genome and its application in the current clinic, which is a leading topic these days.

We will welcome everyone who wants to improve and get in contact with the most updated talks and technologies in Molecular Oncology.

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