supersymmetryFecha: Viernes 12 de Julio
Hora: 11:15 h
Lugar: Sala de seminarios del Departamento de Física Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear. Tercera Planta de Físicas.  Facultad de Ciencias.
Conferenciante: Prof. ANGEL LUIS PLASTINO (Universidad de La Plata, Argentina)


In solid state physics, a particle’s effective mass is the mass it seems to carry. It can be shown that electrons and holes in some solid state scenarios respond to electric and magnetic fields, almost as if they were particles with a position-dependent mass. They behave as free particles in a vacuum, but with a different mass. The effective mass approximation provides an important and widely used theoretic tool for the determination of the electronic properties of semiconductors and quantum dots.

The concept of effective mass also plays an important role within the structures of the energy-density functional (EDF) approach to the quantum many-body problem. I will discuss the issue from 3 viewpoints; namely, Fisher’s Information, Supersymmetry, and De Broglie-Bohm dynamics.

Organiza: Grupo de Física Atómica y Molecular del Dpto. de Física Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear y del Instituto Carlos I de Física Teórica y Computacional.

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