massMeasurementsFecha: viernes 22 de marzo
Hora: 11:00 h
Ponente: Profesor Klaus Blaum, director de la división "Stored and Cooled Ions" del Instituto Max Planck de Física Nuclear de Heidelberg
Lugar: Seminario del Departamento de Física Atómica Molecular y Nuclear

Recently, high-precision mass measurements of atoms have reached a new quality as far as accuracy, sensitivity and a wide application is concerned. This is due to the development and the use of efficient storage devices, effective cooling methods, sensitive detection techniques and new methods of calibration. This contribution provides a survey over recent high-precision mass measurements on stable as well as short-lived species. The applications range from nuclear structure studies to contributions to the modeling of element formation till the examination of the Standard Model as well as contributions to the determination of fundamental constants. Questions will be addressed like: “Why is iron much more abundant on earth than all other elements? How are elements formed in the universe? What is the weight of an electron?”

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