BiotechnologyFocusedFecha: Jueves 27 de septiembre de 2012
Hora: 10:00 horas
Salón de Grados del Edificio Mecenas - Campus de Fuentenueva

Dr. David Baker,
Executive Director,
University Technology Park at IIT

This presentation will draw on Mr. Baker’s 10 years of experience in supporting the development of the Bio-Cluster in the Chicago Region of Illinois in the Midwest. He also created and manages the University Technology Park at IIT, a four building complex designed to support the start-up and growth of biotechnology companies. He currently works with 12 companies in bio-technology and diagnostics. The presentation will discuss the mechanisms now in place in Illinois for identifying promising discoveries, support for venture creation from both the public and private sector, the role of universities, medical schools and teaching hospitals, and specific role of his technology park in providing the laboratory and office space needed by both early stage and growth companies in the biotechnology space

Organiza: Máster Universitario en Biotecnología. Instituto de Biotecnología

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